Image and ListBox

How in the main window to display an image of any size in any location.
Image not supposed to have a visible border.
I’ve tried controlo Image Well, but I am not happy with this. Maybe it is not used correctly.
Also, I still want to know how to scroll through the records in the ListBox control. With the button I would like to move it up and the other button down the record in the ListBox control.


You can put the Image right onto the Window in the Paint Event or you can use a Canvas and set the background property.

I don’t understand your second question.

Thanks for the reply, I used the canvas control.

Another question:
I would like to be moved between the rows in the ListBox control using the buttons (command buttons) or a string received from any other device that communicates via the serial port or network, or …
Then the data from this line sent back to the remote device.

I think what you are asking is Listbox1.ListIndex = Listbox1.ListIndex + 1

The row you are on is the ListIndex so you change the ListIndex to move around the listbox.

Row1 is 0 and no selection is -1

The last row is Listbox1.ListCount - 1