I'm not updating or buying future updates

[quote=84204:@Markus Winter]I can agree with that view of core, and I agree on the priorities you stated. My view was more based on what core functionality I expect from a cross-platform tool., and in that regard Xojo has gone a few steps backwards for both Sean and me.


First I personally have never used or needed AV stuff, though these days it is becoming ubiquitous.

That said the main point is that the less the framework handles the less Xojo is a RAD environment and the harder it becomes for those who are not full time professionals, to create modern full featured apps. For those who are, it becomes more work but is often doable, for those who are not, it often becomes a huge mountain that many can’t climb.

Xojo has a lot of areas that can be improved upon. Overall the graphics capabilities IMO are so last decade (at least). The OSes have so much more graphics capabilities, and many of those capabilities exist on at least OS X and Windows… but we are stuck with the lowest common denominator from what, 10+ years ago?

I know Xojo can’t be all things to all people… I guess what I hope is what they do support, they do in more than half measures.

@Karen Atkocius I understand your message. Xojo is not as cool as RealBasic at that time (versions 4, 5 and earlier) regarding to complete features, and modern frameworks, but now there is a much wider number of platforms, new frameworks that has become defacto standards, and compilers, linkers are now much more different than ever.

I see it like building a house, first basement, then next floors. Better frameworks comes with better core, and Xojo is now focused on bringing amazing things in the near future. I don’t like gambling, but I could bet you will see modern frameworks soon. LLVM is really important and 64 bits

It’s just a matter of priorities. By the way, I don’t share you view about new framework = complex.

Just to throw some oil on the fire - do people not think that Xojo Inc should be the provider of the framework and interface builder to allow software to be written in an easy to use / design language and then for third-parties or individual developers to create the extra bells and whistles using plugins etc.

Its a bit like buying a car, you expect the manufacturer to create a car that does what a car is supposed to do. If you want to supercharge it or add extra lights or add a spoiler etc then you go to a third-party who is a specialist in these things.

Personally I feel that Xojo today has far more than I would ever use as extras which I would prefer that they not be in the core but have the ability to add them in as plugins as and when I needed the extra features.

What are bells and whistles and what is considered standard (or expected) changes over time. Think about cars… If one is old enough one knows much of what was once considered optional and/or luxuries in cars is now considered standard or expected in the average level product.

In my day, cars didn’t have seat belts. Heck, they didn’t have seats. We just stood for the whole ride, and we liked it!

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Did you guys try our MBS VLC plugin?
It is a way to play cross platform.

Also AVKit is 64 but only and can’t be used in 32bit xojo.

You can keep using 2013r4 with QuickTime and wait what xojo brings in next versions.
But keep license current to make sure xojo inc has money to pay engineers…

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lol … to carry on with the car analogy …

In my days car had 5 MPH crash bumpers, accidents that today can cost over $10K to fix, were simply scratches on the chrome.

[quote=84135:@Guy Rabiller]Yep, ffmpeg should be the solution.
Having worked with ffmpeg in a previous employment engagement I can say its a pain in the butt to do well in a cross platform way

I agree, I’ve done the same in the context of 3d animation movie productions. I’m not saying it’s easy. But is there any viable alternative ?

[quote=84270:@Christian Schmitz]Did you guys try our MBS VLC plugin?
It is a way to play cross platform.

Also AVKit is 64 but only and can’t be used in 32bit xojo.

You can keep using 2013r4 with QuickTime and wait what xojo brings in next versions.
But keep license current to make sure xojo inc has money to pay engineers…[/quote]
I need to edit movies and add subtitles (for transcribing patient interviews) which I don’t think MBS VLC does.

I am still using REAL.studio.

And I have paid my license till 2017.

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Previous place I worked was somewhat skittish on using ffmpeg due to a variety of uncertainties on patents on some of the codecs, alleged otherwise. As one company attorney described it - “Way too many differing opinions by counsel, needs a judgement day, and we will not be the ones in the room!”

So, to just play a video in a control cross-platform, Mac and Windows (no editing or rewinding or anything else necessary), how would you do it? Is it possible?

I believe MoviePlayer is still available. EditableMovie is not.

Does MoviePlayer (latest Xojo version) work in Windows and Mac?

Behold LibAV 10: http://libav.org

From their website :

[quote]Libav License
Libav is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 or later. However, Libav incorporates several optional parts and optimizations that are covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later. If those parts get used the GPL applies to all of Libav.

Read the license texts to learn how this affects programs built on top of Libav or reusing Libav. You may also wish to have a look at the GPL FAQ.

Note that Libav is not available under any other licensing terms, especially not proprietary/commercial ones, not even in exchange for payment.[/quote]

This would kill it use for a lot of the developers here.