I'm not a graphic designer...

Hi all. Just out of interest, what do you do for icons for your app, toolbars etc. I’m about as creative as a brick and would love to know how everyone creates icons. This is especially important as I am developing for Mac and smooth sleek icons and graphics are key to Mac Apps looking good as you know…

I use the open source icon library. Freely available and a serious number if icons.

If you are looking for an icon to really stand our or something, you can use some websites that allow you to post a description of what you want and then graphic artists bid on your money w/icons. You decide which ones you like, what you want changed, etc… For example, http://99designs.com.

Fatcow hosting has a few thousand free icons. Simple license as I recall. Iconshock.com seems reasonable price wise but haven’t gone any further with them!

Last time I poked around, I found the open source stuff not easy to find. Haven’t looked for a while.

Some of my favorite places for icons:

http://www.axialis.com/ (for sale)

Some are free, some for sale, but all pretty easy to search for. Most of the big collections like Fatcow, silk, etc… you can find at these icons sites.



Wow, last time I downloaded was 2,400, now 3,500! Thanks for the openiconlibrary link too.


If you want to learn how to design icons, take a look at DesignBoost by Jen Gordon.
She offers design courses, mainly focused on iOS (icon) design.

There are a lot of free icon resources available, plus also commercial offerings. Omegabundle for Xojo 2013 will include a cross platform icon pack. Watch for it.

Hi all,
I like to buy tools for various purposes. If I’m a professional developer I want to make it professionally all the way.

Anyway, I use Axialis Icons and also their tool IconWorkshop: [url=http://www.axialis.com/[/url]

For an icon editing tool, I like: http://www.awicons.com/ for me, the tool seemed the easiest for me to use for resizing icons, adding drop shadows, etc… Just personal preference, there are other good icon editors out there. They have a pretty good bundle of icons, but most or for sale.