im DB As New PostgreSQLDatabase

I have problemw with

Dim DB As New PostgreSQLDatabase

it constantly gives me “can’t find type with this name”

Please check whether the Postgres Database plugin is installed in the plugins folder.

I checked this. They are. I reinstalled Xojo 2018 1.1 to ensure that the versions meet.

Is the plugin loaded? Check on About - Loaded Plugins

Does autocomplete works when you start typing Postg… ?

I just reinstalled 2017r3. It works ok with that version. Did something get broken between 2017 and 2018? Maybe an 32/64 bit issue?

Working right with macOS. What are you using? Any other plugins?

Im running it on Win 10. I have some additional Plugins running (mostly einhugur, database stuff is all xojo, I believe):
e-CryptIt Engine - Checksums.xojo_plugin
e-CryptIt Engine - Compression.xojo_plugin
e-CryptIt Engine - Legacy Encodings.xojo_plugin
e-CryptIt Engine.xojo_plugin

Perhaps your plugins are not loading because of Mac sandbox issues? You can verify which plugins are loaded by going to Xojo’s About window and clicking the Loaded Plugins tab.

If that’s the case you can manually fix that with a Terminal command. More info here:

remove all plugins except postgres and try again ?
then if ok, try to reinstall one plugin at a time until you find which one is causing the problem.

I would remove e-CryptIt Engine - Legacy Encodings.xojo_plugin, that one makes no sense on Windows. And only ever makes sense on Mac if your doing something that reads or writes MacBinary or BinHex or AppleSingle