I'm a totally different person now

This is my way of apologizing to all the nice folks around here who I have annoyed, disgusted, infuriated, and generally pissed off. It’s also a brief explanation why that was happening and why any of that is a total impossibility now. I hope you can understand.
I have suffered from a mental illness called Borderline Personality Disorder all my life, and the older I got, the worse the symptoms and effects got. In short, I have never ever been who I truly am. Recently, I had the worst experience/attack ever. I was desperate, and my wife drove me to a marijuana dispensary. 10 mins. after the 1st use, ALL the mental/emotional agony completely vanished, and it’s stayed that way for the last 3 days. There are no words to describe the difference. Only now can I see just how completely the illness had taken over.

So to keep this brief, I just want to say that all that nasty behavior seems to be a thing of the past. I sincerely hope to mend fences here and everywhere. Please forgive me.

Dear Bill,
Personally I don’t recall that you’ve ever offended me. However I am happy for you that you have found something that works, to make you feel better.

I also admire you for stepping up and apologizing to those that you feel you may have offended/upset.

All the best.

Thanks Sam. I appreciate your support. :slight_smile: