Hi, I have a problem with my project, last night it works fine, now I get this error:

I’m using Xojo 2015r2.4 on windows 7

my project file is here:

Can anybody help?

Surprisingly (to me) even trying to open the project crashes the IDE ( Xojo 2013)
There must be something changed in the binary format between 2013 and 2015 that I haven’t encountered yet, or the project may be damaged.
Over to someone using 2015…

Looks like there are missing images
When the IDE says “a problem has occurred” please report it using feedback and attach the project & all the images
That will help us figure out what the issue is and fix it

Is case 41188 not implemented?
The message for the IllegalCastException should show details like what class is expected.

Its the IDE experiencing this not his project