IIS 3 WebApp with same name


I have a DMZ SSL window server 2016 IIS… reverseproxy with 3 WebApp with the same name… My application quit… very unstable… Do you think i need to use different name?

Do you know what the error or exception was that caused the application to quit? I would take a look at the event viewer right around the exact time of failure. If that does not reveal anything, then I would try with Sysinternals debugview. I would also place several “system.debuglog” in key places of the application. Finally (or firstly!), i would use the app.unhandledexception event to capture and log unforseen conditions that may cause the application to fail.

Now, to your specific question. Several instances of an applicatin can happily run on Windows. Surely, each of your instances is listening on a different port. If your application is CGI, you need a different applicationidentifier for each instance.