Ignoring and Passing Mouse events to parent

If I create a canvas-based custom control that consists of multiple labels and canvases and want to pass the mouse events for any of the children up to the parent, should it be as simple as calling Parent.Event in each Event - i.e.: in canvas cvHintImg.MouseDown I would call Parent.MouseDown and then Return True? I’m having mixed results in my tests.

Mac OS 10.12.6
IDE 17r2.1

Events aren’t directly callable like methods are
Return false and then the next possible mouse handler should get invoked

Create a new event definition in your custom control. When the mouse event occurs in the class, you call

raiseevent myCustomEvent

Then you implement that event in the parent control. In this way you can drop your custom control on various parents and have it behave the same since the parent implements how it responds to the event.

I seem to recall that I’ve done something very similar, but using declares. I’ll see if I can dig it out for you.