Ignore only limits notifications and PMs not POSTS?

When you mute a user it should- make it so I dont see their direct messages and notifications
Shouldn’t that also make it so I dont see their posts as well ?

Its not doing that the way things are configured

The Mute button only says something about muting notifications. I need to mute at least one user for my sanity.

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Is “mute” what used to be “ignore”? (Apologies for the ignorance …) I too was making use of the “ignore” facility, and am going to miss it if it’s no longer available. (I’ve only very quickly gone through the new settings, and I can’t see it?)

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

I think its configurable but right now its not set up to ignore posts from muted users


The Ignore feature is available once you reach “Trust Level 2,” which it looks like a lot of people will reach today. Trust levels come from attendance and participation. We have adjusted the default criteria so you can reach Level 2 faster. It includes: opening 6 topics, reading 31 posts, spending 15 minutes on the forum, and visiting 2 nonconsecutive days.

I just received my promotion notification :grinning:

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What is “visiting 2 nonconsecutive days”? I read the forum daily.

The wording is a bit confusing. It just means “two days” but they don’t have to be consecutive.