iFrame deny, using zendesk in my Webapp

Hi team,
I’m looking to integrate Zendesk into my web application to help with support and ideally I’d just iFrame it in. Unfortunately Zendesk sets their X-Frame-Options to Deny for security reasons.

Has anyone embedded Zendesk support in any way? I’d love to be able to authenticate in and show support articles through their platform.

Thanks all,

Easiest would probably be to use the API to integrate your app with the needed zendesk data:

Thanks for the reply. J use their API for ticketing, but in this instance I’m trying to show support website data (articles etc). They don’t appear to have an API for this.

Which means they really don’t want you doing what you are trying to do.

Yeah. I do agree Greg. I guess the challenge we have is that we’re trying to really simplify user experience for our customers. We use a web app on a closed system rather than a native application running on our iPads so we can update the server rather than manage a heap of devices. If we were running native then presumably a html viewer would work like a browser and show the content just fine.
It’s just painful;)

Unfortunately it’s not something you can get around either. This is a function of the browser, not the Xojo framework.