iframe and xojo v3.x

in v2.1 redirection with iframe will be ok but don’t work in v3
have a solution ?


thank you so much greg
it work fine
thank you again for your professionalism

This is an important security feature and most users will never need it. The default setting is Same Domain, which is the way most users expect it to work anyway.

The advantage is that you also now have the ability to prevent your app from ever appearing in a frame by setting this property to Deny or allow it to appear in any frame on anyone else’s site by using Allow.

This is really cool.

Can I conflate this thread with the “How many concurrent connections” thread? If I have a load ballancer in front of some apps running on the same vm using different ports, would there be any confusion if two instances of the same app ran in iFrames on the same Web page?



The last time I checked this out, I had to set .allow in order to make a standalone web app appear in an iFrame of the same domain, just because of the added port number.

I’m stay corrected on this, but I guess if you address your app with a port number, then it won’t work with any other setting but .allow.

Thanks for the reply Oliver,

I meant different ports for the Web apps behind the load balancer. I would assume the client firewalls will block Web traffic that’s not port 80 or 443. That’s why the question might be tricky if there are two instances of Web Apps running on the same server displaying in two iFrames on the same Web page…