If you debug iOS projects in simulator, please vote

While diagnosing an iOS problem for a customer today, I came across a situation where the code signature for the iOS app bundle being sent to the simulator was invalid. I thought that I had screwed something up so I dug a little deeper. What I found was that when running on the simulator, Xojo includes a dylib called rbframework.dylib in the bundle, but does not sign it properly. It still has the Xojo code signature on it and since app bundle contents all need to be signed by the same identity, the overall bundle signature reads as invalid.

If this issue affects you, please upvote my case:


I’m debugging in simulator fine at the mo. But I’ll go upvote it.
(It shouldn’t need upvoting…)

I looks like the build issue on iOS 17, and iPad OS 16.7 (suddenly) has to do with the being unable to verify it’s integrity @Javier_Menendez

Error on the device by clicking the app is:
“The app could not be installed. The app integrity could not be verified”
(note this is translated)

Maybe it has something to do with it.

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Hi @DerkJ

I think that the screenshot (and related bug involving iOS 17 / Xcode 15) doesn’t relates with the issue exposed by Greg. In fact, the one involving iOS 17 / Xcode 15 has been fixed already: https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/74073

We will look into the signing issue but I’m kind of surprised because (AFAIK) we haven’t made changes on that.

Hi @Greg_O

On my tests I can run apps in the Simulator without problems. Please, it would be good if you can attach some example project (even if privately) showing the problem so we can dig into it.

Pretty sure I had this a few years ago, caused by signing which included the wrong certificate.
Took me a long time to fix it, trying to remove unwanted certs and profiles.

@Jeff_Tullin It could also happen when using Run On Device and Xcode 15 is installed (using thus its toolchain, in the current beta Xojo 2023r3).

Already changed the certificates, xcode projects work fine.

I do not use the xojo beta, just the latest stable but with the latest xcode (15)

Yeah @DerkJ, the problem here is Xcode 15… because Apple removed one of the tools we use with the Run On Device command. This will be fixed in Xojo 2023r3. https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/74073

Try to install back Xcode 14.x, selecting its toolchain, and it should work again (always you don’t need to test on iOS 17.0 devices, because Xcode < 15 doesn’t support iOS 17).

I would be a better idea for Xojo to keep up with the apple changes. My xcode auto updates since i use xcode separately too. Having 2 versions cost me lots of valueable system space.

For now i will use the earlier version of xcode bug please try to keep up. (I know you are doing your best, it’s just costing so much time not to be able to do, debug, build things…)

At least thank for the information.

Hi @Derk,

I would be a better idea for Xojo to keep up with the apple changes. My xcode auto updates since i use xcode separately too.

Yes, we completely agree… and we did it as soon it was possible. In this case Apple changed things (once more time) and we reacted to adapt Xojo to these BUT we can’t apply them to Xojo releases previous to the one we are working in (the next one to be released)… because that’s not possible.

Anyway, the solution to this specific problem is quite simple because both Xcode versions can coexist in the same Mac ( < macOS Sonoma ). Believe me, this is not an unusual situation even for developers using just Xcode.

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Thanks for your quick response @Javier_Menendez
While that all may be true, it’s still holding back my development time.

Back to topic is what @Greg_O has, valid for more framework parts e.g. could it be more framework parts have this issue ?

As said in one of my previous replies in this thread (and also added to the Issue #) By now, I was not being able to replicate that issue in the Simulator even using Xcode 15 and even running it under Sonoma.

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I’ll get that to you today.

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Thank you, Greg! :+1:

Why, other than ‘policy’?

I get that you wouldn’t go back years, but it shouldn’t be impossible to make a VM holding the code and environment ‘as it was’ at release time for a couple of builds back.

Xojo iOS has never been capable of the following…

Does my Xojo license expire?

Yes, but you can continue to build with any Xojo releases prior to the license expiration date, indefinitely.

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I tried this myself and it did not fix the problem.

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The bottom line is true (building can be done but you can’t run the build since platforms -some force- update), actually but not for this topic.

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Did you check the “WWDC Developer Certificates” that expired? I’ve deleted the expired once’s before when i had issues building due to signatures failing. Make sure you don’t require to keep the old one’s.