If ColumnCount increases Is there a location

This is for Desktop. If Listbox ColumnCount increases Is there a location the new column goes? Does it always go to the end. So from 4 columns by adding one more, is it always now the fifth column.
I guess the opposite of reducing the columns, is it always the higher number.

This is what I have observed. Have you observed something else or the same?

This is correct. As opposed to rows, there is no AddColumn method for ListBox. You simply set the ColumnCount property and if it’s a larger number than before, the extra columns are added to the end. Likewise, if the new number is lower, columns are removed from right to left.

However, you could sub-class ListBox and write your own AddColumnAt() method that increases the number of columns and then shifts all the contents to the right in order to create the new column in the desired position.

Or delete a Column from inside of the ListBox…