If a window is Modal, then KeyUp event is not raised

I noticed that when a window is shown as a modal (.showmodal), then the KeyUp event of a TextArea / TextField placed on that modal window is NOT raised, containers also show a weird behaviour with MouseDown when shown via .showmodal

Why on earth?

What platform are you on?


The problem, and this is abselutely a problem. If you use .showmodal on any type of window (document / moveable modal etc.), then events such as .mouseUp for textfield (desktop) and container mousedown events get messed up.

For example, I have a container control which initializes it’s layout through the control’s opening method. The control appears incorrectly drawn, and when the only thing I change is to not use .showmodal but .show for it’s parent window… all is fine.

In the entire 11 years that I worked on the Xojo IDE, I can’t say that I ever ran into an issue like that. Any chance that you could show us the initialization code? And are you sure that it’s running when calling ShowModal?