IE Dislike Cue Text and Color in a field

We close to taking our projct live. But in our testing of IE we found that the in cell UI feedback works great.

The app is here

We use a grey background on a field to show where the focus is. We use a red one if the filed is invalid. (we checj validity on the lost focus event)

The problem is that the CUE text that looks fine in every "good browser: get hosed on IE. Anybody have any suggestions. It appears that IE does not care of opacity other than 100%.

Any quick suggestion before we rethink our User feedback in the UI?

Which versions of IE have you tested and with which OS’s?

2014 r1 and IE 9

Which version of Windows?

Fwiw, the transparency issue on IE has been improving over the years, but it only really started getting compliant in IE10 & 11, so you may run into these issues from time to time.

Windows Vista Business (the platform of so many of our users)

Yeah, IE9 doesn’t support rgba colors or cuetext. Are you just applying a style to the invalid fields?

Well, I am applicyg a red opaque background color to indicate the failure and a Cue text to describe it. WE also put a light grey background on to indicate where the focus is as the form ir really complex. It looks really wonderful. You can’t do that kind of stuff with PHP easily.

Before Cue Text existed, I used a transparent label placed over the textfield which was set to invisible when the user clicked on it, and went back as visible if the textfield got empty. You can set the color of the text in the label very precisely.

Then you could use Session.Browser to switch to that technique only when IE is used.

Exactly - I’ve had to employ several workarounds like this for IE 8 and 9. IE 10 and later do a decent job, but still not as good as any non-IE browser.