IE 8 issues!

I know that IE 8 is a dinosaur. But Xojo web really must hate it.

Here is IE 9

And Here is the message to upgrade on XP IE 7

But IE 8 Gets a framework error.

What is the work around?

See for the upgrade request. For the JavaScript error, difficult to tell from the screen. Maybe Greg O’Lone can shed some light on that.

We don’t support IE7 any more. As far as the JS error, we’d need to see the whole error, or even better, run it in ie8 in developer mode.


Tried to post the error here but esoTalk docent like it. Ill send it privately

Got it. I’m going to need to connect to your app with ie8 to see the actual bug unfortunately. Send me a URL with instructions and I’ll see if we can figure out what’s going on.