Ideas for simple controls

I have an idea for a game… there are 5 commands…

  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Rotate Left
  • Rotate Right
  • Fire
    Similar to driving a tank I’d say.

What I can’t figure out is the best way to implement them… Not the internal logic, that I have covered…
But more the UI part.
I could have a simulated “D-Pad”, or 5 buttons around the edges (the game is Landscape mode only)
Or I could try and intercept tilts. with tap for fire
or some type of gestures … swipe left/right to rotate, swipe up and down for fwd/back, and tap to fire

Any ideas?

From an iOS game player standpoint:
Simulated d-pads are the easiest control to use.
Tilt/gyro controls are very difficult for people with muscle control issues, and I’ve been harassing nintendo about their choices lately with the WiiU gamepad.

here is what I ended up with… at least for now

one slider controls rotation (push up to turn right, pull down to turn left)
the other is forward/back

Thats a neat idea.
I can see this easy to control using thumbs.

One comment: rather than smooth scrollers, wouldn’t you need ‘stepped’ positions? -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3
Otherwise you might find it tricky to stand still or stop rotating.
An alternative is ‘springy’ scrollers: you drag the scrollbar to some position in order to move or turn, and they spring back to the center when you release.

Thanks… :slight_smile:
As of right now each control is 3 states… +1, 0 and -1
So regardless of how far, it basically uses the SIGN of the value … and they do spring back to center when you release