IDE Weirdness

Hi all, curious if anyone else has experienced this problem.

I’m on Xojo 2018 R1.1 on Windows 10.

I copied and pasted a few methods from an old project into a new one. Then I changed those methods to suit the new project by removing a bunch of lines of code that reference properties that don’t exist in the new project.

When I tried to run the new project, my methods threw errors from the lines of code I deleted. The deleted lines were still being executed. I opened the method and indeed the code I erased was not there in the IDE, but it was still being executed.

I closed the project, restarted Xojo, and opened it again (no saves in between), this time it ran successfully as expected.

Has anyone experienced this?

I get something similar.

My feeling is… save the project before run. Worst: if too many changes, save them, quit Xojo, shutdown, wait a bit reboot, run Xojo (and only Xojo) and execute.

I even had an error on a removed stuff !

Until today, I was thinking that I was alone on this.

Since I can’t work with 2018 R1.1 on Windows 10 due to some showstoppers reported earlier, I am not facing problems with the 2018 R1.1 IDE and can only hope colleagues will find and report all the issues and regressions.
@Christian Wheel and @Emile Schwarz , please file a Feedback.
Hope it will be possible to migrate from 2017R3 to 2018R2, which is in beta now.

The trouble is, as soon as a new release exhibits a major showstopper, I (and I assume many others) stop using it, which means lesser issues aren’t being seen.