IDE to create Xojo Plugins

Hi everyone,

Is there a single language to create a dll/dylib/so library for Xojo?

It seems that most comments in these forums are using three languages to create three different plugins for three libraries:

  1. Visual Studio - .dll
  2. XCode - .dylib
  3. GCC - .so

There seems to be a few options where the libraries can be created on a single IDE platform, with different code for each platform.

  1. Visual Studio (.dll/.dylib/.so)
  2. Eclipse (.dll/.dylib/.so)
  3. Netbeans (.dll/.dylib/.so)
  4. Any others??

In October 2017, is it still recommended that Visual Studio, XCode, and GCC be used for the three different platforms, or is it better to use the one IDE (example Visual Studio) for all three platforms to create a third party library?

I use
XCode - dylib
Visual Studio - .dll
clang-3.6 - - .so

I don’t know if you can actually compile all on one platform, you have the issue of code signing, debugging and all that. Maybe you can am not sure.

I forgot about code signing. Thank you.

You can run Linux and Windows in VM on Mac and build for all on one machine.
For Linux you may even be able to compile your own cross compiling compilers.

Thank you Bjorn and Christian. This is very helpful.

You can of course stop by a conference in London, Denver or Munich and I show you how I make plugins.

Thank you for the kind offer. One of these times I will be able to meet you at a conference with some of the other good Xojo forum members.