IDE speed in Big Sur

Does anyone have any tricks for getting the IDE to run at anything close to a usable pace in macOS 11.0? I have the latest Big Sur developer beta installed on my decently specked 13" MacBook Pro (3.3GHz, i7, 16GB) and trying to do virtually anything in the IDE is pretty much impossible. Things work just fine on my slower iMac, so it’s definitely a Big Sur issue. I know that it’s a beta, but Is there something that I need to turn off, turn on, change settings, etc.?

Haven’t seen this in BS on a very comfortable MacBook Air from 2017.

Well, that’s a bit confusing - and concerning. I’ve been moving back and forth between the two machines (same project), and Xojo is almost unusable on the faster Big Sur laptop. I’ll use AppCleaner to remove Xojo from the Big Sur machine, reinstall and try again…

Dark Mode?

I wish. It’s just as slow in normal mode too.

One thing that I haven’t tried is testing if it has anything to do with iCloud Drive. I use that as a way to keep the two machines in sync, and it doesn’t have any effect in Catalina, but maybe something about how it works with Xojo in Big Sur? To the computer cave…

Lol… iCloud Drive could well be the culprit, it does cause issues when it comes to wrapping apps (just like DropBox). A word of warning, when I disabled iCloud Drive (because Catalina auto-enabled it for me), it eradicated my desktop folder and my documents folder. Thankfully I was in the process of a slow migration, so I could simply restore those folder from my backup, but watch out for it.

Edit: Apart from the existing IDE issues that were introduced somewhere in the 2019 series, I personally haven’t noticed any additional issues when running 2019r3.2 on Big Sur.