IDE: Search does not find all instances of search text.

It just happened to me, that after searching for a string “de” (including quotes) not all instances of the text are listed. This is with Xojo 2013r3. Anybody else has noticed such thing?

Sorry don’t have 2013R3 installed anymore.

… 2015r3, this is what I meant

In the screen shot I can see that the ‘Match Case’ flag is used.
So it shouldn’t pick up “DE”

Another thing that can trip you up is ‘Whole Word’ … because if the search text is right up against another character

example =“de”

then there is a chance that the absence of a space between = and " might cause the search to treat =“de” as a word and not flag it.

How many instances were you expecting in your project?

You must be seeing another screenshot than me…

On the screenshot I see 2 found instances while the one the arrow points to is not found. None of the search options is checked, though.

So it does find some instances, but not all of them.

The code which was not found was in the Open eventhandler of WebPage1 of a WE project. It turned out that no code at all in here could be found when doing a search.

I had to delete the event, save the project, re-add the open eventhandler and paste the code back, and save. Now everything can be found again.

I don’t remember that I ever had a crash with this project or any other alarming situation.

So this leaves a doubt now: Could it be that other code could also be hidden from search?

Or there’s a bug in search . thats much more likely
Just file this with that screen shot & please mention that this is a WE project


Just ran into this bug myself. Glad to see it’s marked as Fixed. Hope to see it in a Release very soon.