IDE Scripting MacArchitecture and Universal

What am I doing wrong?

I can read the PropertyValue(“App.MacArchitecture”) to confirm “Universal” but I cannot set it.
PropertyValue(“App.MacArchitecture”) = “Universal”

I’m on next to zero sleep, so this well could be all on me doing something stupid.

The Architecture is set under Buid Settings for macOS.

My guess is that it’s not available to scripting by design.

My guess is it’s an oversight. All the other platforms can be automated.
I see a bug report about it too.

Sign… So close to world-domination, but there is always a hitch!

Actually you can. It’s selected by the first parameter of BuildApp.

Isn’t it an internal enum with numeric values? It’s based on the project type right?

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They’re just integers.

Yikes that’s an ugly url.

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Why do you want/need to set this…?

The only reason that I can think of if when doing a build.
And that is done by BuildApp, which brings us back to @Greg_O 's answer:

I have some projects that I use for a variety of customers. Some have limitations that require x86 while others don’t.

@Greg_O I’ll look into that. I was setting it as a property value in a longer script that changed more things, so I could see it during debugging, not just final building. In the end if I can’t automate it, it’s fine, but one more thing I just have to remember to do… Not the end of the world because I have to remember to change the app icon as well. I wish I could automate that!