IDE Scripting Keyboard Shortcuts

Just started playing around with IDE Scripting. Ran into what might be an issue:

I made one script. Then, I made another. Because of the names, What was Option-Command-1 became Option-Command-2, and the new script became Option-Command-1.

If you start using a script regularly, you’ll develop muscle memory for the key sequence. Adding a new script might very well mess this up.

Is this something to suggest: Add a Scripts or Tools menu to the IDE. It would only appear if some scripts had been created/installed. In the Preferences we could assign keyboard shortcuts to the scripts.

Yes this is a pain, I usually start my script name with an underscore to make sure it’s at the top then number them, so:


this way you can force the order you wish and you can change their keyboard shortcut under Options>General>Edit as usual.

This isn’t ideal but its a lot easier than xojo implementing a whole interactive ide menu reordering system.

I can think of at least one way we could do this without that. I suggest a feature request in Feedback.