IDE Script: Unique ID Code

When I am in the IDE in some code window, I want to be able fire off an IDE Script to put the code on the Clipboard and enough information to identify that code uniquely.
I think that I can get pretty close.
I can record the Project Commands Location which seems to get you pretty close as a unique identifier. But then it seems to be possible in a Window named Frog, for example, to have an event called Open and a method called Open. In this case, the Location seems to be Frog.Open for both of these bits of code. Fortunately, they can still be distinguished by the Project Commands TypeOfCurrentLocation that will differentiate between these two bits of code.

But I still have at least one problem.
I want to deal with the Get and Set code of a Computed Property of a Window. If you have two Computed Properties of a Window (Frog), one called Cat and another called Dog, the Get code of both of these will have Frog.Get as its Location. In this case the TypeOfCurrent will not distinguish the two so that is not helpful in this context. So I am unable to figure out how to differentiate these two different code snippets.

I wish the Location were something like Frog.Dog.Get but that is not the case.

If I had access to the actual name (Cat or Dog) of the Computed Property that would do the trick. Some other accessible “thing” that distinguished the two would do the job.

So I have two questions

  1. Is there actually something that I have not stumbled on or figured out that would let me distinguish the code of the two different Computed Properties of the same Window within an IDE Script.?

  2. Are there other situations, that I have not yet realized exist, where it is going to be impossible to determine within an IDE script a unique identifier to associate with that code.