IDE script for increasing indent size

Xojo’s options for configuring the code editor is so few.
The indent size is too small for me, that sometimes I have a hard time identifying the correct nest level of some blocks.
Can you give me an IDE script which lets me to increase indent size?

And also give me link to a resource for learning IDE scripting. I didn’t find anything in Xojo references.

You cant
There isn’t such a setting

Not that I haven’t been b***ing about it since I got here.

Finally I found something that Xojo can’t accomplish.

It was in my top 5 for a long time, finally gave up and pulled it out. I know there are for more pressing issues, but seems like low-hanging fruit (not knowing the details under the hood, but how to position text doesn’t seem like a show-stopper). The code would be SO much more readable if we could get some added indentation in these code blocks. All that wasted white space to the right of most lines of text…

I actually did some work on making it user settable.
It’s definitely not “low hanging fruit” - if it were actually just spaces inserted you could already remove them if you wanted.

They’re not. You can’t.

I won’t.

FYI, I am not wanting to remove spaces, I want to add some more space to make the indentation more pronounced. When I have to dig into old VB6 code it is so much easier to see the blocks of code because the indentation is more pronounced. But in any case, you guys have the feature request and know what we want – to be able to define hoe much space we individually want.

Like that
I knew I did some work on this once upon a lifetime ago
There are some obvious drawing bugs - the grouping lines should not be indented as well
And some hit testing bugs - the folding icons don’t handles hits right

Not saying it WILL happen but since we revamped the code editor a while back its much more likely it can

FYI - indents are not “spaces” - hence why when you select an indented line there is nothing selected to the left of the beginning of a line

And the preference is NOT saved as part of the project so if I had mine set one way & you had yours another the same code would look different

Correct. I think we are just using that terminology because it looks like spaces and describes it quickly. Whatever the terminology is or whatever is in the code, we just want control of it.

You never know what a new release might bring :slight_smile:

It is also important to choose the right font. When I tested fonts to choose a new one not very long ago, I noticed that very problem. I then decided to go with Inconsolata, which in my impression seems to increase the indentation (I know it does not).