Ide script for compilation for ARM or UNIVERSAL

Hi there… I want to follow up that thread I opened about 2 years ago:

Now the problem is a little bit different. With the latest version 2020r2 we can compile ARM or Universal apps for mac. When I compile for intel macs only, the suggested scripts works very nice (I use that solution since 2018), but when I try to compile universal or arm version, the ide returns an error
" Error signing application: /Users/sergio/Documents/Lavoro/Lavori Realbasic/Gest-L/Builds - Gest 2010/macOS ARM 64 bit/Gest-L No such file or directory"

Any suggestion?

The script is exactly as suggested in the original forum discussion:

dim builtApp as String
dim cmd as string
dim s As String
builtApp = CurrentBuildLocation + “/” + replaceall(CurrentBuildAppName," “,”\ ") + “.app”
cmd = “mv -f " + builtApp + " /Users/sergio/Documents/MyCompilationFolder/”
s = doshellcommand(cmd,6000)

Since you’re a Pro user, I suggest downloading the prerelease.