IDE Script Compile Error

[b]IDE Script Compile Error[/b] Compiler error [180] Error found while compiling on line 1. Continue?

Line 1 is:

Dim s As New Shell

and line 2 is (just in case someone believe the line number is 0-based):

Dim header As String (this line works fine on his own, alone)

The shell usage is:

s.Execute("date") header = header + s.Result

Removed questions I found answers while continuing my quest.


dim theResult as String = doCommand("date")

instead. There is no shell for IDE scripts.

Thank you Beatrix.

Of course, it do not works in that case.

Compiler error [67] Error found while compiling on line 3.  Continue?

Bad day for me.

Sorry, my bad. That comes from typing from memory:

dim theResult as String theResult = doShellCommand("date") print theResult

Thanks Beatrix.
This answer comes far before (~30 minutes) I found it by myself (two minutes ago), by pure hazard.

I just get an ending EndOfLine, but I am near the end.

My script (adapted from the LR):
Dim command As String
command = “date”
Dim result As String
result = DoShellCommand(command)

BTW: I found a list of errors at some moment in my search, and I lost it…

Code that fit my needs:

[code] Dim command As String
Dim result As String

command = “date ‘+%Y-%m-%d; %H:%M:%S’”

result = DoShellCommand(command)
result = Left(result, Len(result)-1)[/code]

The return date/time is:
2018-12-15; 12:24:49

The last line remove the
at the end of the result string. It may have to be -2 on Windows due to platform differences… (for the EndOfLine character): not tested.

Nota: using uppercase Y (as above) returns the date using 4 digits (2018). Using the lowercase y will return only 2 digits (18).