IDE running with display scaling 200% - very easy to nudge controls

Just moved to a 5K display and running in 200% scaling (recommended Windows setting). I find it extremely easy to nudge control positions when you double-click them to edit events. Feels like the internal MouseDown/MouseUp positions are too sensitive. I don’t have this problem on my 4K screen running in 125% scaling. And no, it’s not caffeine-induced shakes I am experiencing.

Anyone else seen this? Running on Windows 10 1703 64-bit and 2016r4.1

Yes, here too.

Good to hear it’s not my mouse or computer then. I guess this is not enough details to create a FB case so I’ll keep on locking controls in the IDE.

The control moving has been this way like forever. I’m using a Wacom tablett all day and have to lock all controls except the one I’m editing. I’m a Mac.

Yeah, I know but with less scaling I only move controls occasionally, but on the 5K monitor it’s every time.

Make sure you report it so Xojo works on it.

As Trixie mentions, you don’t need to be on a 5K display or at 200% to see this. I’ve also long (since RS early days) been in the habit of locking my controls after I have them positioned to prevent this exact situation.

There was an old entry for this in fogbugz, but I can’t find it in the new Feedback.

This is why there are control locks.

select the controls in the navigator so you dont accidentally nudge them
then lock them