IDE: phantom entry in recent projects

In recent projects I have an entry which seems to point to a path (folder A1) which does no longer exist on my ssd. Nevertheless, I can open that project.

I checked for hidden files or folders and also for aliases in that folder (“RESTful service with JSON”), but I found nothing. Trash has been emptied.

What is going on here?

If you hold command and click on the file icon in the title bar after opening the document, you’ll see the path to the opened file. Something hinky might be going on.

You are right, it opens another ‘handler.xojo_project’ in a subfolder.

I really would love to have a way to clean up the recent projects menu in Xojo, by each entry and not just as a clear all option.

I had the finder not showing a directory what definitely existed (ls -al in terminal showed it)
Forced the finder to restart & there it was

Recent OS X versions doesn’t even show files that exist, before restarting.
And, especially, if an application asks me, if I want to save changes, and I decide to not, it looks to me as if the Finder deletes the file.

I think you are seeing versioning at work.

Of course. OS X saves the file in case of a crash so it can recover and return to the same state. If you do not save then it doesn’t need the recovery file.

I’m using 10.9 so non of these things seem like they should apply
I’ve seen just general Finder wonkiness