IDE: Parent Elements of Project Blocks

When I look at a Xojo project, I don’t understand why ColorGroups, Images, MenuBars, Databases, Toolbars etc. can only be included in Folders, but not in Modules. After all, it is also possible to add a Report to a Module.

Xojo, have you “just forgotten” to assign the Module interface to these block elements?

Can you please give a hint if this is a bug or why it is not possible from your point of view? There are definitely situations where it would make sense for frameworks to be able to call macOS.WindowColor, Linux.WindowColor, etc. Just as an example!

@Paul_Lefebvre, @Geoff_Perlman, @Javier_Menendez, @Greg_O_Lone, @Travis_Hill



Hi Martin - These are all probably possible but just weren’t in the plans. If you want, you can create feature requests for them.


If you want to have large Project files, insert images into the project.

Else, add them after build with a script.

Do you really know how large an icon for macOS can be ?
(1024 x1024 @ 144 dpi + 1024 x1024 @ 72 dpi, etc.)

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