IDE on Web Very slow still on MAC

Hello Guys,

It seems that the IDE on Web edition is very slow on mac, for example if i select 5 items and i move them around it takes ages to move them and the whole interface becomes unresponsive.

if you move them by the arrows from the keyboard is even worst .

Any ideas on this ? or this is the way it should be ?

As usual, latest XOJO, latest OS.


Retina or normal?
I see this behaviour when i work on my MacBook Pro Late 2013 on Sierra, using an external 21:9 Monitor (non-Retina of course).
On Retina it works flawlessly most times. :slight_smile:


Same here

@Aurelian Negrea - What’s the age of the computer you’re using? Memory?

Here, testing with eddie’s electronics web project (CustomerDetailsPage), moving many items is not fast but can’t say is very slow is reasonably usable. This is a Macbook Pro Retina 13" i7 late 2013.

I have the same issue on Windows (Windows 7), typing in the editor is very slow. It seems the IDE cannot keep up with my typing speed. Also moving interface objects, like buttons, viewers leave sometimes a trail when moving over greater distances.

I am using Xojo 2017 r2.0 on Windows 7 Professional running on a Centrino II Core2Duo 2.4 ghz with 6 GB of RAM.

In my case I think it is the aging laptop (January 2009) which is responsible for the slow down. If your Mac is also an older machine, maybe an SSD will help. At least with this machine, the SSD gave me a high speed boost back in 2011.

Hope this helps.

There are lots of machines that run Windows / Linux os OS X that meet our system requirements
I found one that meets those “specs” for $182 - but seriously its NOT going to be a decent development machine
Its nearly identical to a machine I had a few years back and it was so absolutely horrid for the IDE it was not funny
Everything was slow on it (Windows, IE, Firefox, you name it)

I updated to a slightly newer PC that has a faster CPU, GPU and more RAM and things are a lot better
It was still a “cheap” machine (deliberately) it cost me $580

Intel Core i52400 @3. 1 ghz
16 Gb RAM
64 bit windows 7

Windows ratings
Processor 7.4
RAM 7.6
Graphics 4.4
Gaming Graphics 5.8
Primary HD 5.9

If you have a machine that has a very low end cpu, gpu and has a slow HDD and very little RAM you’re likely to have issues

IMHO developers should never cheap out and buy the cheapest machine they can afford
Personally I buy machines that are about as maxed out as I can and they last me a long time
My current machine is nearly 6 years old and still performs quite well compared to newer hardware