IDE often crashes while altering breakpoints during a debug run

Using 2020r2.1, I find that Xojo will often (but not always) throw a fatal error, if I add or remove breakpoints during a run. In my experience, this seems to be recent behavior.

For instance, I might have a breakpoint (in a loop, for instance), and remove it after seeing what I want to see. Alternately, I might decide to add a breakpoint further down in the same method.

Either one MIGHT cause the crash. Fortunately, Xojo gives me the chance to save my work before it dies.

The workaround is a variation of the old Henny Youngman joke: I said to the doctor (making random gesture) ‘it hurts when I do that’—he said ‘don’t do that’.

I have browsed Feedback just a bit and haven’t found precisely this. Before filing my own case, I want to examine this a little more, to see if something in particular will make it reproducible.

But I’ll start with this question: has anyone else seen this?

Adding and removing breakpoints is what I do a lot of. Haven’t seen any issues with 2020r2.1, either with debugging to the same machine or remotely to Raspberry Pi or Linux in a VM. Works nicely.

Thanks, Tim. I am stuffed full of plugins, and this specific project involves a Worker. I definitely have some things to look at, in trying to narrow it down.

Ah. Well I don’t even use the supplied plugins so I moved them to an ‘Unused Plugins’ folder. And no workers. Good luck, BTW.

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I’ve experienced a lot of fatal error or crashes with 2020r2.1, but I have not been able to find a procedure to repeat them. That’s why I haven’t reported it before: I am not able to replicate them!
But unfortunately not always Xojo allowed me to save my project, which has been a nightmare.
I use to change (add and remove) a lot of breakpoints in my debug sessions. So I will check if this is the way to replicate my crashes. I’ll inform you.

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What os version, is it a 32 or 64bit project and do you use any declares in the project?

From memory Norman was reporting this in feedback, when I’m at my computer I’ll see of i can find the reports.


I always use the last Windows version, 64 bits, although when I debug i do it 32 bits.

I’m working in Big Sur. In a normal debug (not remote) we’re therefore doing 64-bit.

Thanks for the links :slight_smile: