IDE observation

I’m a working developer, using Xojo for my business, but also C# and VB.Net for my other job. After 37 years in the game and using a mixture of Mac and PC, (about 10% Mac and 90% PC) I’ve come to use the wheel on the mouse without giving it a second thought.

In most instances that would be fine, but I have caused myself more trouble when clicking on a method with the inspector open and running the wheel. The new IDE took me a while to get used to, and now I wish that C#/VB.Net was as good. The biggest booby trap for me is the method names in the inspector. At least a couple of times during an 6 hour session I will wipe out a method name, and best of all there is no undo.

I wanted to provide some feedback. I don’t know if you can adjust the focus after the selection of a method, but it sure would save me some headaches!

Has anyone else run into this???