IDE navigation: Do you need a global history, too?

Please see my bug report: <>

The history (Back/Forward buttons) have come a long way since r1, but there is still one major misbehavior that makes the new IDE still much harder to navigate in compared to the old one:

When my navigation leads to switching between different tabs, then there’s no way to bring me back to what I last looked at. And that’s more often needed for me than a history-per-tab.

I use the history for getting back to what I last looked at. And the IDE doesn’t help me with this as it should.

So, if I am looking at some code and then navigate temporarily to other code that the currently looked-at code calls, then I want to get back to the place I was first, after being done with the temporary lookups. But that only works if all happens in the same tab. But as soon as I use more than one tab, a lookup may lead me to another tab, and then there’s no Back button bringing me back to where I was before, i.e. the other tab where I started from.

This is a severe conceptual gap for my workflow.

I wonder if others agree with me. I need to get some support for this, because, frankly, I do not believe that the devs at Xojo agree with me - just think of the fact that Xojo r1 didn’t even have any History functionality - somehow they must have thought that it wasn’t that important. Now they implemented a “solution” and it’s still unsatisfactory.

I have a hard time understanding their reasoning. I suspect they made the history local for each tab because that’s how Xcode and Safari do it. But then, Xcode doesn’t have Tab-Locking, and Xcode doesn’t jump to a new Tab when you look up an identifier!

But that doesn’t seem to be obvious to them. So I have little hope making my point across unless others chime in.

Oh, let’s try this, where you can easily give your vote.

If you think the poll needs another option, say so here, please.

I for one was happy with what we had in RB 2012 and requested to reintroduce the History-Menu. See <>