IDE Method Signature Display

Just wondering if there’s any reason why the display of a method’s signature at the bottom of the IDE disappears once you get to the parameter list. It would be so handy for that to remain displayed as you filled out all the parameters. For bonus points it would be extra cool if the parameter you were currently typing was highlighted. I could make a feature request, but this seems like low-hanging fruit and I’m just wondering if there was a good reason it’s not already included.


I’m sure that there are feature requests about this with Murican drinking age.


I made a request some years ago to have a keyboard shortcut to insert the method signature at the insertion point (so one could write the needed values in the editor, by replacing the inserted text).
For me, it’d be more useful than keeping the signature shown at the bottom pane, because (1) I could move the mouse to see other things and (2) the parameters would be inserted at the right place (rather than re-writing what’s shown in the pane).