IDE: Is the title of new tabs correct?


I have used Xojo 2013r3 only for a few minutes and it may be just me doing things wrong but, there is something with the IDE that I think could be (easily) improved: When I double click on an item in the Navigator it goes to a new tab, which is working well, but the title of the newly created tab is misleading, I think.

For example, if I have three methods in a custom class, myClass, and I double click on the three methods to have them in three different tabs, I get three tabs with the same title, “myClas”. That ambiguous title makes it tedious to find the method I looking for.

Am I missing something?

I am using Xojo 2013r3 on Windows 7.


Nope. That’s just the way it works and I find it irritating too.

One of the other things that I find irritating is selecting multiple items (say methods) in the same class you get “multiple selection” in the tab.

Thanks for the reply Bob.

Is this the intended behavior and most users are fine with it, is it the intended behavior and most people think it should be changed, or is it a bug?

If this is how it was designed and most of the users are fine with it, how do you jump from one tab to another efficiently if you have several tabs having the same parent/container (and thus the same title)?

I looked for a feedback case related to this and I couldn’t find any. I tried “navigator” and “tab”, “tab” and “title” and “navigator” and “title”. Maybe my search wasn’t good, or is nobody else bothered by this behavior?



<> is Bob’s feedback for the “multiple selection” problem.
Can find a Feedback case for your problem either.
For you it’s an annoying problem (for many others probably too :wink: ), so make a new feedback case.

Yeah, it’s annoying. I’ve even had an instance (not reproducible of course) where the same object was open in multiple tabs and changes from one tab didn’t get mirrored in the other tabs. That was highly annoying to say the least.

Oops, I wrote “Can find”, that should have been “Can’t find”.
I also should have said that it’s annoying for me too.
It’s so annoying that it sometimes makes you scream of frustration. :frowning:

I spend an awful lot of time managing the contents of my tabs.

I think Xojo has a buildin mindreader, only have to discover who’s mind. :frowning:

I can verify that the ESP module is NOT complete :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean AUTOcomplete? :wink:

The “do what I mean not what I write” module :slight_smile:

Sure, but I don’t want to litterthe feedback systemwith unnecessary cases, so first I wanted to make sure that I was not missing anything, that a feedback case for this issue does not exist yet, and that there is general interest in the change.

Does anyone like it the way it is now?


I guess you are joking, you forgot the smiley. :wink:

I am laughing now, good one.

It took me some time to file the feature request but here it is: <>