IDE - How to list the plugin controls?

Hello all,

In a new project, I want to add a plugin control. The folder Xojo\Plugins contains many plugin controls place before launching Xojo. How do I get the library drop down menu in the IDE to add them to the listing?

Older projects, which already have plugin controls used in project already show the line - but not newer.


The about dialog has a tab panel and a tab for load plugins. There you see what loaded.

Plugins are not loaded on a per project basis
They are ALL loaded when the IDE is opened

Quit the IDE
Copy the plugin you want to use in the project into the Plugins directory/folder next to the IDE
Start the IDE

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the reply.
The plugins are already in the plugins folder/directory Norman - before starting Xojo exactly as you wrote.
The Help->Plugin Refernces tab panel shows all of the loaded plugins. But none of them are accessible via the Library.

I don’t have access to them in the Library - how do I get access to them?

Hello jean-paul

That is exactly what is NOT showing. How do I get it TO show?

There’s a bunch of MBS, and Einhuger.

Could be they are not available/designed for web app?

Yea - I should have figured that out. Would be cool if Xojo indicated something, but then again, not exactly their responsibility to know that.

Thanks everyone!

The library lists items that are subclasses of Rect Control / Web Control that have UI
We’ve manually added a few (like serial timers etc) but in general its just “controls” that have UI
And when we get to iOS plugins whatever is appropriate for controls with UI there

Thank you for your answer Norman.