IDE hides confirmation window

When I close an IDE window, or leave the XOJO app, it pops up a confirmation window asking me to save, cancel, etc. But I can not see the confirmation window. I know the confirmation window is spawned because I can see it on the Windows 10 Taskbar, as shown here:

XOJO Window

I have dual monitors, and I make sure there are no other windows visible that could hide the confirmation window. I can’t tell if the confirmation window is layered beneath the XOJO IDE window, or located somewhere off the screens.

I try moving the confirmation window, but the taskbar interface hides the pop-up icon before I can cursor over the icon to move the confirmation window.

This happens all the time now. Any ideas how I can restore the confirmation window to a visible status?

Right click on the taskbar, and choose ‘cascade windows’?

FWIW, it’s definitely hiding behind the IDE window. This happens reliably on macOS with the Compiling Plugins window in certain situations.

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Good hint, Jeff, but sadly no joy. I cannot see the confirmation window. I can bring it info focus, and press RETURN to select the default selection, ESC to return to the IDE, and N to quit without saving, but I’d rather not work blind.

A little more information. When the confirmation window is open, I launch Task Manager, and select the XOJO confirmation window. When I tell Windows to bring the confirmation window to the front, nothing happens, but when I tell Windows to maximize the confirmation window, it maximizes the confirmation window on the second screen.

This tells me XOJO is instantiating the confirmation window with off-screen coordinates. Is there a setting or trick somewhere that reconfigures the XOJO IDE to instantiate the confirmation window in the center of the screen?

Other tricks: If you CAN get focus to the window, press ALT-SHIFT then M
The mouse cursor will change to a 4-way cross, and you can move the window using arrow keys

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More info. It works on the primary monitor, not on the secondary monitor. Could this be a video driver problem? I am using the latest drivers.

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