IDE Hangs when saving a project

I’ve been seeing this behavior for a while, where my IDE hangs when trying to save a project, but it only happens some of the time. Today I was getting very frustrated when it happened 5 times in a 2 hour period, so I started to do some more digging.

I’ve found I can recreate the issue with a current project just by adding a Menu Handler for a menu already in the project and saving that simple change.

Has anyone else run into an issue like this?

I was using version 2014 r2 until I had this issue so many times today, then thought I would try to upgrade to 2015 r1, but the problem persists.

Would love to get the thoughts of some people more experienced than I.

How long have you let it go? There are a number of factors that affect saving speed, including what else your computer is doing. For instance, on my machine, saving is really slow if my machine is in the middle of a backup.

As usual, I just found the issue right after my original post. It’s very similar to what was reported here:

After reading that post, I noted my App.xojo_code file was 4Gb. I opened it up in a text editor and found 2 App level properties that had lines upon lines (in wrapped text mode) of backslashes.

Looking at those properties in the IDE, I can see they each have a backslash in the default value.

After fixing the file by removing all the extra backslashes, I opened the project back up in the Xojo IDE and retired my test. The save worked like a champ! Then I opened the App.xojo_code file in a text editor again and there was an extra backslash again.

As a side note, when I cleaned out the extra backslashes, the file size went from 4Gb to 17k… That’s a lot of slashing!

Would be a good one to submit as a bug report so I can see why this backslash gets duplicated
You can attach it to a private report