IDE goes blank after minimizing

I’m having a problem with the IDE going blank on me.

Steps to reproduce:

Run a project from the IDE that displays a window.
Minimize the Xojo environment so only the running project is shown.
Close the running Project by any means.
Switch back to Xojo IDE that was previously minimized.

Now the project list of resources is gone and the IDE just has the toolbar at the top, the resource list and project area where windows and editors are shown is just a big blank gray area and the only way to get everything back is hitting the run toolbar again and clicking on the stop button from the IDE, then everything goes back to normal.

Also, what deity do I have to sacrifice small furry animals to, to get the feedback system installed?

Go to the download page on our website and click Extras. There’s a section there for Feedback. Download and install the one for your platform.

Once you have that, file a bug report about this IDE problem, including the OS you are using so we can replicate and fix it.

Great, because I’ve tried installing from the toolbar in the IDE, it says it’s downloading but then nothing happens after that, so I’ve been kinda stumped there.