IDE Font not the same in Window and Inspector

I wanted to use this character “𝍈” (TETRAGRAM FOR DARKENING). It is ok on Mac OS but not on Windows. As you can see in the screencapture below, the character appears ok in the IDE controls window, but not in the inspector panel (look at “Caption”, there is a square).

On the left this is a DesktopSegmentedButton and there are 2 DesktopButton on the right. If I open the Edit window of the SegmentedButton the character appears ok.
When I run the app on Windows (it is ok on Mac), this is ok for the SegmentedButton but not for the Button except if I set the font of the Button to “Segoe UI Symbol” or “DejaVu Sans Condensed” (I tested all the font of my Windows system).
You can download this small example FontUsed.xojo_binary_project.
In the Xojo Preferences, my Font is set to “Consolas”, I don’t remember if it is the default or if it is my choice.

Why is there a difference beetween SegmentedButton and Button? Why is there a difference between the Inspector panel and the Controls window? Is it a bug?

If it is showing as a square then it is a character that doesn’t exist in the font being used. It’s quite possible that under the hood it is using a different font than you think it would.

Why is it different on some parts of the IDE, likely due to different fonts being used in different parts of the IDE.

You should also make sure that each “special” font is installed on each machine you are using it on. If you distribute it to there people they will need the font installed in order for it to work. That could mean you need to configure your app to install the font at startup or use an installer.

I’d started using emoticons on some buttons and controls because on Mac they are nice and colored.
On the Windows build, dull and B&W, so they had to go.

Icons in disguise? :slight_smile:


Emoticons are :) – specifically the text versions.
Emojis are them ugly colorful things that ruin UIs.

@Sam_Rowlands and I playfully disagree on the use of Emojis in UI ;)

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Indeed. But it just sounds like Decepicons, the evil version of transformers.

Emojis work fine on a Mac.
Colorful, recognisable, used where you use text, reduce resources/disc space.
But yeah, they duped me for a while as I thought they would work for other platforms.

Thanks for yours answers, I think I should fill a bug report as the IDE show the correct character in the developper window but the wrong (the square) when the application runs.