IDE doesn't show a progress window during startup any more?

Is that on purpose that the IDE is now starting WITHOUT showing anything like the old IDE did, i.e. that it loads plugins and such?

I find that a bit irritating as the IDE may take quite a while with all the plugins I have installed, seeing nothing that indicates what it’s doing all this time.

Do others see such a window at launch or was this removed on purpose?

I can see and i am on windows 7

And we’re not talking about the “Project Chooser” window, right? I’m talking about the window that appears earlier, telling me that the IDE is loading stuff.

FWIW, I see the loading window too, here on OS X. "Loading Frameworks, “Loading plugins” etc.

Odd. I believe I had seen this window in the past as well with the Xojo IDE, but I can’t figure out why it’s gone now. Deleting the prefs (com.xojo.xojo.plist file) doesn’t help either.

We’ve seen spurious reports of this happening, but been unable to reliably reproduce it.

Do you have Xojo in its own Space in OS X? It’s probably unrelated but just in case - there’s a bug that I don’t believe has been fixed that causes the loading window to get stuck in the wrong Space. <>

Thomas, you are not alone. I am using on Windows 7 and the IDE looks as if it hangs for ages and then suddenly comes to life and completes loading. A couple of other odd things too with latest release, the most annoying being that clicking run to start a project to compile doesn’t always do it the first time, more often its two clicks. The most annoying thing however is the ‘slow’ keyboard refresh the longer Xojo is loaded it seems to get worse until the point that letters being typed transpose each other.

I’ve had this issue since R1B1 and still do. When I first run a new release I get the window but no longer after the first running.