IDE Cursor behaviour

XOJO 2021r2.1 - Windows 10 Desktop
The cursor behaviour in the IDE is still not correct.
It does not change correctly and/or fast enough from ‘insert’ to ‘arrow’ when moving from Editor Area to the area between the Editor Area and the Navigator.
This is very annoying.
Will this be solved in a newer release ?


This is very annoying.

Have you logged it ?

probably. assuming it has been logged. I have to say I havent noticed this myself.

Works fine here - macOS Mojave.

Extra question in this topic
Are there other users with the same cursor problem ?


I just opened this Feedback Case, not sure if that’s what you’re talking about:

65591 - Cursor icon is incorrect when over the code editor if there is no code in the editor currently

Just added a bit to this.

Just added a bit too to this.

When there are different indent levels in the code editor, the cursor does not change from I-beam to pointer when moving from code to the indent signs -/+