IDE Communicator

Hello everyone,
i got a problem and i dont know how to solve it., maybe one of you can help me.
What i want to to:
I got a bunch of programs and i want to build them and after they are finished compiling i want to move the apps to another place.
here i tried the new IDE Communicator V2.
created a file with the Commands to do.
example :

OpenFile("/Users/ronny/Desktop/example.xojo_project") DoCommand("Build") DoCommand("CloseWindow") OpenFile("/Users/ronny/Desktop/example2.xojo_project") DoCommand("Build") DoCommand("CloseWindow")
this file i send via the Communicator to the IDE

 /Users/ronny/IDECommunicator ToBuild.txt

This all works just fine, but my problem now that the IDECommunicator exit itself way to early and i dont know when the Build is finished. the Response i get from the Communicator is just


So my question, is there a way to keep the Communicator going until the last program was Builded ?

As far as I remember BuildApp is the correct command to use:

[quote]openfile("/Users/beatrixwillius/Documents/Development/Mail\ Archiver/code\ current/max\ scheduler.rbp")
Call BuildApp(7)

The BuildApp Command is working fine! Its about that i got no control about when Xojo has finished Building… The Communicator exit itself to early so i dont know when it is finished…

Maybe some more information.
I created a Bash File, that start Xojo. After opening Xojo it start open my Projects and Build them. after Building them, i copy the .app files out of the Build folder into my dropbox account. My workaround at the moment is that i wait always 2 min in between each Program that it has enough time to compile.
But this is very inefficient! And maybe one project will take longer then 2 min to compile then it chrashes the whole script because the Compiler is in work in process and throw a popup that needs to be clicked away by hand

Maybe this will help to clarify my problem

You should always get a response from the IDE when using the new protocol, even if it’s an empty json object (unless the IDE crashes of course). In your communicator, just don’t quit until you get something back. For each of your builds.

You could also use the Print command to send progress info back if need be.