IDE Communication IDE Version Conflict on newer IDE


You will also get an openError if the IDE version is lower than the project version

I’m getting errors now once compiling my IDE communicator agent to 2023r4 complaining that the IDE version is newer than the project

{“tag”:“build”,“response”:{“openErrors”:[{“loadError”:{“type”:“IDE Version Conflict”,“projectVersion”:“2022.030”,“ideVersion”:“2023.040”,“severity”:“warning”}}]}}

Is there any way to get it to ignore this type of error?. Having to open 2 dozen projects every time I want to upgrade a project version is tiring and prone to errors. I suppose I could make a mode that opens the project and saves to the SVN but that would introduce other issues that I would like to avoid if possible.

It’s just a warning. Just tell your communicator to ignore responses with a severity set to “warning” and you’ll probably be okay.

But to be clear, this isn’t a warning about the communicator, it’s a mismatch between the project and the IDE that you are opening it with. In some workflows these two must match, and this warning just gives you an opportunity to know.


How do you tell Xojo to ignore warnings? It’s not Xojo script. Sending the script below (obviously @FILEPATH and @BUILDVER are replaced before sending) returns the error in the previous post

Dim appPath As String
appPath = “Path:” + BuildApp(@BUILDVER, False)
Print appPath

I get mismatches should be reported. But going up a version should be an option to ignore

You don’t have to do anything about it. Just move on to your next command.

Oh, did you set the XOJO_AUTOMATION environment variable when launching the IDE?

I just realised that the build actually completed…my bad. I thought it was halting the build


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Right. Things with a severity of “warning” don’t stop the process. When severity = “error”, that’s when it will have stopped, and you may get multiple errors back.

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