IDE & Code Formatting

Does anyone else think some of the formatting style that the ide does is odd?

Take indenting for example.

The ide enforces something (good) like this:

If myValue = True Then doSomething End If

But for other things it doesn’t indent and worse, doesn’t allow the user to indent:

Select Case myValue Case "apple" doSomething End Select

This indenting example is not consistent with the first behaviour.

Select Case myValue Case "apple" doSomething End Select

I can’t see any way to control this behaviour in the IDE preferences…

  • You cannot control the formatting (unfortuantly), would be nice to increase the indent value
  • formatting (Select Statements for example) are consistent at least with how Xcode formats (I’d prefer CASE to be indented as well)

you can have your own reformat script
see example here :

but beware of it :

more about it :

documentation reference :

Good to know @Jean-Yves Pochez - thanks. I’ll look into it.