IDE code editor tab titles

There appears to be no way to change the tab title in the IDE code editor, nor does it correctly describe what is being displayed. I see some limited discussion of this in the past, it seems so very easy to fix. I can see it being titled “Window1” when a control is selected on Window1, but when I click on the Button1.Pressed event for example to view the code, the title still says Window1. The tabs would be SOOOOO much more useful if it said Button1.Pressed instead. As it is, it is like one of those memory games where you uncover something, then cover it back up and have to remember what was there. I’ve got 5 tabs open, each of them say Window1. Maybe I should use yellow stickies on my screen?

No, they might fall off. Use a sharp pointy thing to scratch the names on the tabs. Or a permanent marker.

(runs away)

The tabs are named for the class or module that’s on the tab, not the currently selected item. If it drilled down, you’d end up with a tab that had to be named Window1.Button1.Pressed and you’d only fit three tabs across the editor. Otherwise if you had a Button1 on two different layouts, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

I’d love to be able to do that. The rest of the world either makes the tabs wider, or fills the middle with ellipses. Imagine if Firefox for example, titled every tab in your browser “Http://www”. Even with long names, there is room for probably 5 or 6 tabs on my very small screen laptop. Right now, room for about 12 that all say “Window1”, which is pretty useless. Worst case, it truncates them the “Window1…” and I am no worse off than I am now.

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