IDE Bug (2022 R1.1)?

Tested on Xojo 2022 R1.1 for Mac.

  1. Copy and paste a class from an old project to a new project
  2. Drag an instance of that class to a window
  3. Add the instance of your class to a Control Set
  4. Duplicate a few copies of the class instances in your Window
  5. Delete any number of the duplicates you made
  6. The IDE doesn’t remove the deleted items from the Controls list. If you now click on one, the IDE crashes.

Can anyone reproduce this?

Given the above steps, no, not from 2019r1.1 to 2022r1.1

Are you able to reproduce it with a new project in video and post a little more information like what version you’re copying from, details of the class etc?

Thanks for trying it. I encountered the issue using a GraffitiSuite class.

Here’s a video showing it happening:

That’s weird. If you collapse the ControlSet in the navigator, the listings for the deleted instances move to the window. Collapsing the window in the navigator fixes it.

I’ll open a case for this. It may be a corruption in the class from the conversion from API 1.0 to API 2.0 as some of the default DesktopCanvas properties don’t seem to be visible either in the Inspector or via the Inspector Behavior dialog.

Thanks Anthony! I’ve found that after I delete instances of an affected object I just have to save, close and reopen the project to avoid getting bitten.

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Good to know. I’ve opened a confidential case and it’s already been reproduced. I did some code copying and diffs to try and narrow down the cause, but I’ve been unsuccessful thus far. Just have to wait for the engineers to narrow it down for me or fix it.

I figured it was a Xojo bug and not anything wrong with GraffitiSuite, that just happens to be how I discovered it. Thanks for everything!