IDE Automation: Switch project to 64-bit?

is there a way to change a project to 64-bit via IDE scripting?

BuildApp(buildType As Integer[, reveal As Boolean]) As String or CurrentBuildTarget As Integer (read-only)

Sorry, won’t help.
I need to open project, switch to 64-bit and save.

And that for 2000 example projects.

In that case, I’d probably just write an app to modify the project files directly. I don’t think there’s a facility for what you need, but I could be wrong.

Yes, I thought that, too.
Maybe someone else has another idea tomorrow?

Arbed comes to the rescue!

With script lines like those here, you can do it automatically:

dim item4 as PrjItem = settings.ShortPropByName ("MacArchitecture", true, PropTypeInteger) if not item4.SetValue(1) then print "set failed for MacArchitecture." end

When you set a couple of properties this way in the script, you can run Arbed from command line (or via shell class) and have it load a project, run the script and save it.
Thanks @Thomas Tempelmann!