IDE: Add breadcrumbs above the code to navigate through the items

Feedback Case Number: xojoinc/xojo#71980

A feature request to add breadcrumbs above the code area, with drop-down menus for quick navigation and editable method declaration.

" The IDE could use a breadcrumbs bar above the code area to show the position of the current item. The last item would show the interface of the current method or property and should be editable to allow the user to change the declarations in place without using the Inspector. Example:

Project > UI > Window1 > Foobar(p as Point) As Boolean

The method declaration should be made editable by clicking on it. The other items should be at least clickable to allow quick navigation (that’s what breadcrumbs are for), but ideally should also open a drop-down menu. In the above example, clicking Window1 would open a menu that lists all its events, methods and properties."

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I proposed this back in 2013, but it didn’t really feel right anywhere. Even in your mock-up, the path bar kind of sticks out and has no horizontal continuity with the other sections. I think it would be a great addition, but the IDE needs a little more polish to fit it in nicely.

As for the editable method information, that was also part of the plan, though not part of the path bar. We needed a token field first, and well… that hasn’t happened.


Both Xcode and VS Code have the breadcrumb bar in that exact location. I’d be more than happy if Xojo just cop… ehm took inspiration from those. That would be a huge usability improvement, especially on smaller displays.

I can’t say that I ever missed breadcrumbs in Xojo. Making tabs that actually work is much more important IMO.


Stays with the actual choice,
Stays open,
and many many more…


That’s certainly true, tabs need to be fixed as soon as possible (again just copying VS Code would be a wise move), but the two requests are not mutually exclusive. Working in Xojo on a laptop is painful because of all the wasted space and the vertical layout of the declaration fields.

I’m not saying the position is wrong. I’m saying the surrounding elements need to also be updated. The project level selector probably needs a separator, but I don’t know what would take up that vertical space in the inspector and properties panel. My point is that there’s more to consider than just slapping a breadcrumbs element below the command bar.

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This is very true. On my iMac Xojo works really well. On the MacBook Air Xojo feels very cramped.


This. Like RealStudio.

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RealStudio (predecessor to the Xojo UI) had a much more usable method signature area.

Also a much larger properties view in the debugger, while still being able to view your code:

I’m fine with the tabbed interface rather than your proposed drop-down scheme, if only the tabs would show what I ask them to show without seemingly changing of their own accord.


The older layout with the signature editor and no sidebar was a much more efficient design for programmers. Which should be who the product is designed for…


Function over form is just old-fashioned, I guess :frowning:


Completely agree. Just look at how much empty wasted space there is while debugging. I’m constantly scrolling the variables list to examine the one I want, and the most maddening thing is the list always scrolls to the top with every step.


What is the small + top, far left of the Code Editor ?

I mean:

Fully agree. I often ask my self why the Xojo engineers don’t find that annoying, too. And after a lengthy debugging session the debugger crashes ALWAYS.


I’m sure they do.

It makes you wonder how much productivity has been lost due to the state of the IDE.


They work on huge multi-monitor setups, can make any window as big as they want, and don’t care about people who use laptops.

I forget, and I can’t run RealStudio anymore since I had to update to Monterey :frowning: Maybe Insert…

I am not seeing a revamped IDE on the roadmap anymore. Sounded like this could solve some issues, back when mockups of it were being presented … :disappointed:

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